Among the vast tattoo ideas for men, the skull is quite popular with its different meanings and capability of representing life, such as this spectacular design of a tibetan skull covered in the finest details, lines, curves, and accents every inch of the way.


A striking tattoo showing not one, not two, but three skulls expressing different queer faces amidst a mist of clouds and fiery red winds. This is one of the best chest skull tattoo ideas that feature an eye at the center reminiscent of the illuminati.


The entire back is draped in a giant skull, with wide round eyes that possess astounding depth, a nose detailed to the bone, and mouth lined with intricate drawings. The result? A plain awesome 3D tattoo that gives off a lasting impression.


A bad boy tattoo that’s not so bad at all, with dainty flowers actually embedded in the eyes of a skull that rests on the shoulder. The frontal area holds the shape of what seems to be a precious gem, while the nose and its bridge features lovely hearts.


The broad chest is the perfect spot for a tattoo, which is evident in this small skull right at the center. Long, elegant wings gradually spread from the back to fully reveal each detailed feather. Scribbled words neatly line the shoulder blades.


The human body is imbued with a significant tattoo with a crowned skull sitting on top of ruff clothing centered on the chest. Cupid and a sophisticated woman are seen on each side while another face of a woman lingers on the arm.


From the tip of the shoulder down the upper and forearm to the hand, a skull that appears blazing in wrath or fiery emotion blends perfectly with a myriad of other faces and creatures, altogether inked like a masterpiece on canvas.


Nothing can be more brilliant than a timeless rose, as depicted in this tattoo in shades of black and white. It perfectly complements a smoking hot image of a skull in a darker shade, that radiates its warmth with a deeply glowing yellow inner core.


The skull’s exceptional allure when wrapped around roses and creatures with life make it the best of tattoos ideas anyone can think of. This design covers the entire chest with a bird and large moon, while the dainty-looking skull covers most of the abdomen.


One can almost not distinguish a tattoo from a painting in this splendid work of art. Wavy lines surround a skull that appears to be placed within a larger skull covering every inch of the neck, going down the chest with an eagle at the center and two beautiful women on each side.

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