All the elaborate ornaments in this design give it an almost baroque look. Black-and-grey can never go wrong when interspersed with blue details, and in this case, we have the deep-blue eyes that stand out from the rest of the image.


This extremely stylized and colorful owl seems to have come from an entirely imaginary world. Pink and green add up to its peculiarity, and its feathers are achieved with graded pinkish discs, and the wisdom of its eyes enhanced with playful lines.


The verisimilitude of this particular owl is achieved in many ways, including expressive shading in black-and-grey, the realistic look of the branches and leaves beneath it, and the dark, misty background, which lends an atmosphere of gloom to the image.


This design makes the most of graphic representation using lines and blank ink. What appears so simple makes up a rather complex structure of triangles and these precise but enigmatic shapes are what sets this tattoo apart from the others.


Another tattoo paying tribute to Dia de los Muertos is done in black-and-grey, and even though colors are the most prominent feature of the holiday, this design makes up for the lack of color by detailed owl eyes, skull, and even the roses surrounding it.


This tattoo lets the world’s most silent hunter spread his wings across your chest and arm. Depicting resilience and determination, it is inked in shaded black tones, forming a clear contrast with the bare skin surrounding it.


This colored owl tattoo is the epitome of masculinity, depicting the fierce bird’s piercing gaze. While the green hue of the eyes will stare into your soul, the striking blue beak portrays an unrelenting and powerful determination.


Whoever said men can’t be cute? This adorable comic owl is brightly colored for optimum aesthetic appeal. It depicts the wise, all-knowing nature of the bird, even as the baby eyes look around. The color combination only adds to its charming appeal!


The tattoo shows a tiny side-glancing owl done in a soft, watercolor-like manner. The warm hues are blending into one another, with delicately depicted feathers. The prevailing colors are indigo, violet and vermillion, lending a natural feel to the tattoo.


This is one of the most unique black ink owl tattoo ideas for men. Put the two together, and they’re like a puzzle forming a complete heart. Yet the design ensures that it doesn’t look incomplete even when viewed in singular.


Here is another great owl tattoo for men. The wise bird stares at you, while his dull brown hues form a beautiful contrast against the skin. With the emphasis on the face, its body blends away, drawing the focus to his eyes.

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