Sara’s name with a red rose. The name and Rose Flower describes a love affair between the guy and Sara; It might be a present or dedication to the lady he holds so dear in his life.


Some name tattoo designs are done on the side of the inner side of the upper arm. The name tattoo done on this side acts as motivation to the strength of the guy wearing it. Skye could be the love of his life.


This tattoo is colorful with blue rose flowers, a heart and Salina’s name and date on the top part of the flowers. It’s a beautiful tattoo that can be used by a guy that always wants to remember a loved one.


A tattoo of Robert Schindler’s name on the forearm with the date of birth and date of death, the tattoo is dark and serves as a memoir of a late brother or friend. The black colour symbolizes the sadness he felt while losing him.


Name on one side of the chest, this kind of tattoo for men is common today. The name here might be the second name of the guy or probably someone he holds dear. Chest tattoos are unique tattoos.


Name tattooed on the back is also a favorite among many guys. The name on the tattoo is Mathew most probably the guys name. This kind of tattoo is considered a large name tattoo.


Lexii name tattoo with a date, the tattoo has been applied on the forearm, this might be the date of daughter’s birth the font is unique, and the choice of colour is also clear, maybe a special day when his daughter was born.


Smith name tattoo is a big name back tattoo. It may symbolize the family name of the guy or just the name of the man wearing it. The calligraphy is clear and easy to be read.


Kaylee’s name tattooed on the chest; the guy wants you to know that he cares and loves Kaylee. Most probably Kaylee is the daughter and he loves her so much. The stars on both sides of the name show how special she is to him.


The tattoo name on the neck design is becoming one of the common tattoo designs for men today. Probably the name is his or his sons. The name is crafted in a way that is simple to be read.

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