Forearms are a great place to get tattoos if you want it to be clearly seen, here we have a huge tattoo of the name Rebecca made on the forearm with a date mentioned below it. The artist has kept it simple with the font but has made the tattoo look good using deep contrast.


Minimal fonts are great for name tattoo ideas, here we see a perfect example of a minimal font used to make a simple tattoo. The artist was using a minimal running font to ink the words “Lucy and Orla” on the forearm, it adds to the overall appeal of the tattoo by keeping it simple.


Thick gothic fonts look great in name tattoos for guys, here we see a similar tattoo where the artist has used a thick gothic font to tattoo the name “Richard” on the forearm along with a data. People who want to get thick fonts in their tattoos should definitely consider this one.


Men love to get their lover’s names tattooed on their bodies to pledge their love, here we have a similar tattoo where the artist has tattooed the person’s side forearm with the name “Rosanna”. The tattoo is also decorated with a rose on top and a few small curvy lines to compliment the design.


Custom fonts go a long way while making a name tattoo design, here we have a fantastic example of such a font which is complimenting the overall appeal of the tattoo. In this tattoo we see that the artist has used a special custom font to ink the name “Sara” with a rose in the letter “S”, it makes the overall art look spectacular.


People often like to spell their names differently while making tattoos, here we see a tattoo of the name Scarlet spelt as “Skarlet”. The artist has used this unique spelling to create a one of a find tattoo design he has also used a thick old gothic font to further compliment the tattoo.


Scrolls in the background work great for name tattoos, here we see a great example of such a tattoo where the artist has used the background scroll to compliment the name “Sofia”. Together with a few shading and shadowing effects the tattoo looks spectacular and even unique at the same time.


Having a tattoo made of the upper chest is quite popular, in this tattoo we see how the artist has used the space well to create a tattoo of the names ” Matthew Joshua”. The long strokes of the fonts are complimenting the overall appeal of the art and the shadowing effect give the tattoo a 3-dimensional look.


There are unlimited ways to write a name and some artists use them in making tattoos, here an artist has created a special kind of font to tattoo the name “Stephanie” on the forearm. The name has been further decorated with blue strokes that match the font which adds a surreal effect to the tattoo.


When you have a name that sounds like a superstar’s name, why not get it inked in a special way? Here we have a brilliant example where the artist has tattooed the name “McKiernan” in a unique way, the background shading gives the effect of a spotlight and there are ten stars of different sizes made to further decorate the artwork.

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