Fear blinds us and inhibits us from pursuing our dreams. The tattoo says that you should let your fears go and the way in which it’s written makes it very appealing. This is another wonderful design concept for men.


Keeping it real will always earn a man everlasting street credit. Staying true to your ideals and principles is one way of gaining admiration and respect from your peers. This design idea puts that in a very simple and clear message.


This tattoo is really nice to look at. The red and blue colors used on the anchor also make it more visible. The picture and message go hand in hand and combine to form a powerful statement. If the words don’t give you a clear meaning, the image definitely will.


Look at how witty the design is. The words ‘just live’ have been written in such a way that they appear as a continuation of the pulse, a representation of a beating heart. In captures the very essence of our existence, to live.


This is a design concept that shows great creativity. Aside from the obvious message, it also uses a lot of images to give more meaning to the written words.


The words have been well arranged to create an extra image. Still, the meaning of the tattoo is maintained in the design. It’s also placed in a very visible area. When searching for a meaningful tattoos idea, this is one to consider.


It’s one of those tattoos that you look at for the first time and scratch your head probably because you think that you didn’t read correctly. It’s thought provoking, which is the intention. It says ‘love will tear us apart’, but isn’t it supposed to be the opposite? That is what taking it at face value will give you.


If you are familiar with The Three Musketeers then you know where the words originated from. The swords are joining at a common point, as is customary when warriors are making a pact.


The tattoo says don’t ever let life pass you by and the words are written creatively to give out a graffiti kind of design. It’s another bold design that is ideal for men when choosing meaningful tattoos.


The words speak for themselves. The tattoo is well designed and the additional image enhances its appearance. It says that you should dream as if you’ll live forever and live as if you’ll die today. That really requires no explanation. It’s an awesome design to say the least.

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