This is a short message that is cleverly fitted on the wrists. Again, this design is done in very bold fonts which makes it very visible. It’s nice especially for guys who do not fancy too conspicuous or highly pronounced tattoos.


Tattoos that encourage you to have a positive attitude towards life are always very awesome. Notice how the word ‘positive’ is intentionally written in capital letters with the ‘t’ extended to form a cross? It would be a great design for anyone really.


Such a tattoo design can be interpreted in different ways. The waves and music symbolism can be taken to mean that music is life. A beating heart is typically represented by waves. The design is also masculine which makes it great for men.


The enlarged words create a message all on their own. Reading all the texts as they flow also gives you another meaning. The tattoo is designed on the arms and would be very ideal for the guy who loves to work out especially when showing off toned arms.


The message says “I climbed the tree to see the world”. It’s another amazing design that can be taken to mean different things. The imagery is also powerful and works to provoke thought and create a deeper meaning to the statement.


It’s always good to smile. It does a lot to your spirit and general health. The tattoo is very simple and the message passed across in a clear and concise manner. The smiley face introduces a happy feel to the design and its minimalist nature makes it very ideal for men.


This is such a powerful statement and definitely an idea to consider when getting meaningful tattoos. It’s neatly written and the font is very bold, making it highly visible.


If you love music then this would be a great tattoo design idea for you. The music symbolism helps to reinforce the intended message. It is an example of a fun tattoo that is suitable even for men.


The design may seem cliche but it is still such a great tattoo. The written word is accurately complimented by the image. If ever there was a ‘guy tattoo’ then this would be it because it symbolizes male bravado and the fighting spirit.


There are no written words, but the tattoo is still great with deep meaning. It’s nicely done on the wrist and can be interpreted in different ways. A ship at sea overcomes so many things to reach its final destination and can be used to symbolize various aspects of life. Obviously a design of choice for many guys.

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