This thigh tattoo features a lion head depicted in New School style detailing and line work. The expert shading, detailing, and blending of black, white, and greys makes this tattoo an extremely realistic piece.


A lion bursts from the clouds in this half sleeve tattoo. The clouds are shaded so that they appear to billow as the lion roars, revealing a mouth of pointed, detailed teeth. The mane is expertly lined and shaded to give the impression of realism.


This tattoo combines Illustrative and New School styles with expert shadowing and shading to create a lion head that appears to be chiseled from marble. The lion stretches from inner elbow to wrist. At the wrist sits a mouse, peering up at the regal lion.


Surrealism style and Illustrative style come together to create this stunning lion tattoo. The lion’s mane is inked in gradient sunset shades that make it appear to be catching fire. Its face is detailed with line work and dot work.


This realistic, New School style tattoo features a lion that roars and tosses its mane from the top of the shoulder to just above the elbow. Great detailing and heavy shading helps make this tattoo pop with ferocity and realism.


Two lion heads form a full leg sleeve in this lion tattoo idea for men. The top lion is a male with a shaded, watchful face, and a billowing, detailed mane. Beneath him, a female lion head fades into the flesh in shadowed black and grey inking.


This stunning Blackwork lion tattoo channels an aura of tribalism with its mandala inspired patterning. A heavily detailed lion face is adorned with intricate Blackwork asymmetrical patternings. The piece is completed with the inclusion of tiny, beautiful Dotwork.


This full arm sleeve for guys features a shaded lion head with a billowing mane looking out across a stormy, shadowy background. The lion is accompanied by detailed, realistic styled roses that fall down the arm to the wrist.


This New School style tattoo features a lion taking a stride across the upper bicep of the outer arm. The lion is inked in black and white, and features a heavily shaded mane and detailed face. Its shadow falls from its body in a shaded glow.


A lion’s profile is depicted in a burst of fiery blacks, reds, and oranges in this upper arm tattoo. Blackwork abstract flames serve to represent the lion’s mane, and give the piece an essence of power and strength.

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