This is another perfect leg tattoo for men who love birds and want to show off their love for animals. The tattoo is designed to an image of an owl and nicely fits the side of the leg. The green coloring is a perfect background as birds spend most of their time on trees. The feathers have also been drawn nicely in white and black colors.


This animation tattoo is a great design for men looking to have a unique animation or cartoon tattoo on their body. The tattoo idea appears to have been taken from some adventurous game. The tattoo completely covers the leg all round making it a great one for men who want visible tattoos. The clouds in the sky appear to have eyes and a mouth.


The greatly painted pattern tattoo is nicely crafted with different unique designs. The designs combine well and match creating a huge tattoo on the leg. Small crafts with triangular and circular shapes attach well to the main lines creating a great pattern on the leg.


The wing tattoo is nicely fitted on the lower side of the leg attached to the ankle. The wing has been nicely crafted and emerges from the same point on the ankle spreading its feathers on the leg backward.


This big elephant tattoo is a great pick on the leg nicely drawn to appear just like an elephant head. The horns appear crossing each other on the trunk with the head on the knee. The eyes are fitted on the side of the knees making the tattoo a great choice for men.


This is another scary tattoo with blood signs and human head skull. The skull is nicely drawn at the lower side with a hand appearing to press some organ at the top. Blood fall from the hand landing on the skull.


The tattoo has a tiger drawn all the way from the knee downwards. It is an excellent animal tattoo for men giving them ideas on a good leg tattoo. It also has the word love and other writing making a great pick if you want to pass some message around.


This scary tattoo has been nicely crafted with designs on human muscles on the leg. The tattoo appears as if the skin has removed from the skin leaving the muscles exposed. The upper parts have been painted to show the starting point where the skin has been peeled or removed.


This tattoo incorporates several features making the legs appear beautiful from a distance. The idea of dragons in the first leg has been contrasted with what appears to be a garden with flowers on the other leg.


Well, this tattoo has almost every feature you would want in your body. It has several designs ranging from swords, umbrellas and arrows. All these have been nicely drawn to symbolize one’s feeling with the words, “Heavy Heart” written at the bottom.

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