This tattoo is meant to cover most of the leg and embodies the theme of the sea. The first part of the tattoo is a ship which is drawn on the thigh. Below the thigh are tattoos of various images which show bright green birds that are flying about a ship’s anchor.


This leg tattoo is ideal for any man who is fan of the movie, ‘ghost rider’. The tattoo is of a bright greyish human skull which appears to be on fire. Only the top most part of the skull appears to be on fire while the other parts only expunge smoke.


This tattoo is best suited for the guy who loves nature and wants something on their leg that embodies that. The tattoo is of an owl that seems to be perched on a tree. The owl is of different shades of grey with the darkest parts being its outermost part of its wings.


This very simple tattoo is suitable for the guy who wants a tattoo on their leg’s side. It is a tattoo of a wild animal which is probably a panther. The tattoo has only had the animal’s outlines drawn without any further color put into the tattoo.


Again, this is a tattoo that is most suitable for the man who wants something on their leg’s side. It is a tattoo of a shark that appears to be swimming within sea weed. The shark’s top is light blue while its bottom is white in color.


This leg tattoo is an excellent option for men who prefer to have patterns drawn on their bodies. The tattoo is designed with several beautiful patterns with a letter V on the top end. The lines on the feet match well with the fingernails appearing like bracelets hanging from the leg.


Men looking for tattoo ideas can have this uniquely crafted tattoo drawn on their back side of the leg. The tattoo features several unique designs that resemble some ancient drawing. The upper part appears mosaic with several decorations. Dark paintings make it visible from a distance.


Another excellent leg tattoo design with lines that resemble a flowering plant. The lines can also be confused with music tones. The lines have been creatively crafted in dark colors making them visible from a distance.


Well, this is a scary one and not very man can have it. The tattoo comes with crisscrossing lines that appear as if the muscles have been cut. It appears as if veins can be seen on the leg while it is just the paintings. The backside of your leg will appear like some machine that has been opened up.


This is another scary leg tattoo for men. The tattoo design is a unique one with a human skull that appears to be held by a spring in the neck region. The tattoo is nicely fitted to the leg such that it appears to be planted deep inside the leg. The red paintings bring out the appearance of blood in the background.

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