This is the ultimate tattoo idea for the man who wants something simple on their legs. The tattoo depicts the image of dragon drawn to resemble the figure of a sea horse. The image is drawn using tribal patterns to make it very simple.


This 3D tattoo for men is best placed on the leg to give the impression that the interior part of the leg is not flesh and bone. The tattoo shows that the skin has been torn apart to reveal that in place of what should be bone, is a mechanical structure with wires and flesh attached to it.


This leg tattoo is one that utilizes the use of both bright and dark colors. The tattoo shows what appears to be a devils head in the midst of bright red colored flowers. A bright red flower also appears to be on the devil’s forehead.


This is a simple tattoo that shows that a piece of cloth or skin stretched to be attached to a ring. An animal’s paw print is imprinted on the skin while two feathers have been attached to the ring at a point where a part of the cloth has been attached to the ring.


This tattoo is one that shows several images placed together to come up with an exquisite piece of body art. The main part of the tattoo shows a girl holding her face while below her, a woman’s silhouette appears to be walking on a path set atop a human skull.


This is a tattoo which tries to use various colors to come up with a work of art to be placed on the part of the leg just above the ankle. The tattoo is of a flower which has several layers of petals.


This image shows tattoos drawn most of the full length of both legs. On one leg, a ship from the middle ages is drawn to appear like it is sailing in a blue sea. The other leg has a tattoo of a light set on the coast of the sea.


This is a tattoo that derives its theme from the Hawaiian Islands. The tattoo which is best placed from the base of the knee all the way the just above the ankle, is of a complex tribal pattern.


This tattoo is ideal for any man who wants to have dark themed tattoo on their legs. It is a tattoo of a black bird. The bird appears to be just about to perch on a twig that has a bright red rose flower.


These are rather complex tattoos that are set on both legs. The tattoos start from the knees all the way down to the ankles. On one leg, a bird is drawn on the knee while three red roses with three X’s drawn over them is drawn below the leg. The other has patterns of flowers and leaves in black and white drawn all over the leg.

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