What a creative 3D tattoo drawn on the hand! This epic and uniquely designed tattoo portrays vulture-like skeleton head placed on two books and a feather beneath it. Beside the bird’s head is a lighting.candle.


This must probably be a scary hand tattoo to many but its undeniable appealing feature makes it worth the look. A python like head is drawn on the top arm with its tongue out and its sharp long teeth. Above it are a number of snakes all with a green color on them with their fangs out.


The fantastic hand tattoo must have had a creative mind behind it! The tattoo drawn on the entire upper arm to the fingers has different colors with different images. One of the images drawn is a number of stars scattered on the arm, A lion’s head with sharp eyes and bat wings can be seen right close to the elbow. There’s a huge red diamond star close to the lion’s head and also a human skull. This is a hand tattoo with many features and decorations and the use of different colors makes it even more eye-catching.

The gorgeous red and black tattoo is drawn on the hand and can depict the heart. Below it is a word written “perseverance” probably relaying a certain message. Just below the man’s neck is another tattoo with another word though its partly covered.


This is definitely an admirable hand tattoo to many.The 3D tattoo covers the whole top hand to the fingers and is drawn an eagle with an american flag on the background. Its blue feathers below the neck and black feathers right under make it worth a 3D type of a tattoo.


This is a hand tattoo that covers the entire front of the hand and the wrist. It’s drawn using mostly black ink and a little bit of pale red ink. Bold hand design is accompanied by stars on the wrist.


Two separate designs. One hand is covered with a bold floral design. The other hand features a clock. Each finger has a small design near the knuckle: Lightning bolt, dollar sign, fleur de lis, 3, and heart with keyhole.


This is one of my favorite hand tattoo ideas. Large, realistic grizzly bear head that covers the whole front of the hand. The attention to detail (the look in his eyes, the fangs, the tongue, etc.) is extraordinary.


I love the use of bold colors in this design. The color palette incorporates various shades of red, blue, pink, yellow, and white. When you look at it, you’ll see horns, eyes, and other graphic shapes. Very artistic.


This is a simple, yet powerful hand tattoo design. Each hand features a single bird that takes up about half of the front of the hand. Each bird is drawn primarily in dark green, although multiple shades are used. The feathers show a lot of depth.

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