This one packs a punch with its beautiful design and great coloring. With a note dedicating this gun tattoos to someone you love it is one with an emotional message to convey. With words “Pure Amore” meaning pure love inscribed, it doesn’t get better than this.

An old western style revolver with gold and silver colors highlighting it and flowers and leaves surrounding this tattoo idea looks as clean as it sounds. It will stand out for sure and comes with an added advantage of inscribing the name of whoever you want to dedicate this tattoo for.

When it comes to gun tattoo designs this one is by far the most interesting and most beautiful tattoo. With a half loaded gun and bullets lying beside it with an addition of knuckles resting too this one is for the manliest of men. Exemplary detailing and artwork this tattoo idea will be the one your friends will be talking about for a long time, and it will give you a sense of pride to ink something so beautiful.

A darkly shaded and a beautifully designed gun is what this gun tattoos for guys is all about. With detailed shading, it feels like more like the real thing than a tattoo.

Ever thought about getting a gun tattoo for men that would pop out and catch everyone’s eye? With its intelligent design and shadowing this rifle looks like the actual one in reality while giving this gun tattoo a 3 D effect.

Twin revolvers forming a V, bullets lying in between and the word “Respect” inscribed; what else do you need? With extraordinarily beautiful artwork in shading and inking, this is the one for those guys who are looking for perfection. This tattoo idea will blow you away with its beauty.

Custom made twin guns with designs embossed on them, and a rose in between with green leafs to make it more beautiful this one is dedicated to parents. With coloring that makes it seem like the real thing, this gun tattoo idea looks like something made by Van Gogh.

With all the details of a mini 6 round revolver, this one will come as close to look like the real thing. The beautifully shaded nozzle and the cylinder and its accurate portrayal of its grip this gun tattoo idea looks sophisticated and beautiful at the same time.

This mini automatic with its dark shade and beautiful design on the grip looks like it belongs to be inked. With in-depth detailing and shadowing and the beautifully inked trigger makes this tattoo idea a beauty.

One more addition to the angel of death collection. With perfectly drawn out feathers and symmetrically positioned guns this tattoo looks great and is positioned in such a way that the wings looked attached to you, such is the realism of this gun tattoo idea due to its finishing.

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