We have seen a lot of examples of banner wording with these gun tattoos. If you are looking to get a banner to go along with your tattoo, then maybe consider getting something in Latin. It is a good conversation starter that will leave you feeling educated.

This may be the starkest gun tattoo design we have seen so far. A lot of the time, people come in looking for an old western revolver, but let us not forget that guns have changed a lot in the last century. Going with a modern pistol might be a great choice.

Another tattoo that shows off the beauty of symmetry, this design pays homage to one of everyone’s favorite classic songs “November Rain”. Check out getting a tattoo design like this if you want to let people know you are cultured.

There seems to be no limit to how real tattoos can get, and gun tattoos are profiting from this. If you want to let, people know that you are a real human being, which considers getting a tattoo that is as amazingly well done as this one.

If you are going to get a gun tattoo that is accompanied by a floral design, then there is no limit to how unique they can get. We have seen a lot of these, but each one is as unique as the person who gets them, making them a good decision for any who get them.

Profound and philosophical with the words “the future is uncertain and the end always near” this gun tattoo displays as the truth about the world we live in. This tattoo idea shows both the harsh and soft side of a person and is best inked between your waist and the rib cage.

This one is a masterpiece with all the detailing that goes into it; it just looks like the real thing with an advantage of being bigger. Starting from your waist and rising till your chest this gun tattoo idea is certainly a show of your inner courage.

With twin revolvers mirroring each other and wings attached to them this gun tattoo idea for guys certainly displays itself as the angel of death. The detailing that goes into it makes this tattoo idea look real life, and the feathers look nothing short of a spectacle.

When it comes to roses and guns and a great gun tattoo ideas one can only think about love. This gun tattoo for men will show your love towards your dedication and with the words “True” and “Love” wrapped around each rose it brings out the tattoo making it more attractive.

The best option when it comes to inking the upper arm this gun tattoo idea displays a 6 round revolver while covering it roses. Showing that even the purest souls can have a bad side if instigated with dark shading the tattoo looks extraordinary.

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