Towards the bend of the arm are two crossed arrows with the Letter “S” in the middle at the top, “V” on the left of the arrows, and “A” located towards the right of the arrows. On further down, a large black flower forearm tattoo.


This a skull design with red, blue, orange, black, and gray colors being used, The eyes are filled in with sunflower tops. The teeth are black with flowers underneath. The top of the skull has a butterfly with more flowers.


A full forearm tattoo featuring geometric shapes, an eye, and leaves. The main design is done in black with shading both on the inside and outside of the geometric shapes. Geometric shaped tattoos are a pretty cool thing to have if you use a multitude of shapes.


Now this is a nautical wheel found in ships and some boats. It helps to steer the sailor to where they are going. The center of this nautical wheel has a skull. The entire design of the tattoo is done in black.


These symbolic tattoos are related to heavy metal which some call the “Led Zeppelin tattoo”. It is known for its rock and roll style and heavy metal music. Hard core heavy metal lovers love tattoos like this.


These three tattoos are black with eagle like feathers stretched out up and down the forearm. Each feather has lifelike resemblance as it is made to represent soaring like an eagle. Most people love to represent the bald eagle as it is known as the smartest creature.


This is known as a pine tree tattoo. Towards the rest there are little black dots that make up a road like appearance. Towards the wrist there are total black pine trees spread throughout the forearm around the wrist area.


Some people call this a Jean-Philippe Burton Purple Sun tattoo. It is normally a Belgium style tattoo, but has been attracting many people to get this awesome style look. It features a cross, outline of a building teardrops an eye and more lined shapes.


For those who love to support their right to bear arms… this is an amazing forearm tattoo idea. It has a old style pistol with its own design on the handle and barrel. Behind it is a smoke like style finishing the tattoo off as if the gun were just fired.


This tattoo is known as mandala forearm tattoo. The mandala is known as a geometric shape that represents the universe in Hindu which is also a Buddhist symbolism. These symbols can be found to represent the Buddhist religion.

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