This artsy compass piece uses vibrant colors and turn-of-the century style techniques to allow for a totally new and unique tattoo. The splash of reds and yellows makes the compass’ face the focal point of the tattoo while the antique browns of the leaves and frame serve to accentuate the bright blue highlights of the tattoo’s outline.


This design heavy tattoo incorporates an old school flourish pattern look with a nicely inked compass design in black and white. The color choices and pattern designs of this tattoo give it an antique and timeless look while holding onto its own ambiance and meaning.


This vibrant compass symbol tattoo makes great use in the contrast between its dark and light inks. The compass frame done in dynamic yellow really draws the focal point of the piece to the dark blue of the star in the middle and provides a set-up for a layered pattern on the bright yellow eye that serves as the tattoo’s centerpiece.


The beautiful inks used in this compass and rose piece really bring this tattoo to life. With a mixture of classic and modern artistry and the selection of a bold, bright red for the roses pedals and a nice antiquated yellow for the frame of the compass, this tattoo balances its subject matters well, bringing an individual life to both.


The hard shadows and deep black and gray ink choices allow this tattoo an essence of darkness and foreboding. A unique compass tattoo design, the cracked compass face and rigid hand holding the compass provide an emotional element that sets this tattoo apart.


Done in magnificent black and white this incarnation of the compass and rose tattoo takes the classic pairing to a new and unique place with intense and intricate designs on the compass’ face and frame as well as the rose’s pedals. The detailed map background really brings this piece together as well as providing an aura of complexity to the overall work.


This intricate and wide spanning design uses realistic artwork and heavy shadow and reflection to pull off a antique and classic looking work. The excellent sense of detail in this piece provides an emotional and melancholy feel to this exquisite tattoo.


The Japanese and classic naval influences in this tattoo are obvious and really bring the piece into a unique life of its own. The black and gray inking of the Koi fish, compass, and waves, provide this excellent tattoo with a spark of detailed old-school nostalgia.


This simple tattoo says big things with the artists inking and design choices. With the soft pinks, yellows, and greens, the focal point is drawn to the inspired world map design of the compasses face. This tattoo really fills out the space provided and, though simple, really allows for a full and rich design.


The crisp black and white shading on this realistic compass portrait demonstrates the intense attention to detail and use of color to highlight and accentuate different parts of the work. The complex shading and intricate features make this design stand out as one of the more complicated and tedious compass tattoos.

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