A beautiful and very artistic love tattoo defined by lines, curves shapes and patterns. Some are illustrated on the woman’s arms, while some are drawn at the back of the man, to become a single masterpiece when they hug and wrap their arms sround each other.

The infinity symbols makes for an astounding expression of a couple’s feelings. It’s very simple yet holds so much meaning that can be as huge as the endless horizon, and a promise that lasts for eternity, especially when places on each lover’s ring finger.

The words “You Are” and “My Strength” are scribbled on each lover’s wrist in beautiful flowy script writing. When put alongside each other, they create a love that’s sweeter, closer, more intimate, and stronger than anything in the whole world.

Words remain the most explicit and direct way to show your love, while trust always serves as a strong foundation of any relationship as shown by this quote tattoo. The word trust is written perfectly on the little finger for a cute pinky promise.

These two colorful, attractive, plump and healthy lovebirds ranks among the best couple tattoos. When each lover’s arm are seen side by side, the image of a long branch connects seamlessly, thus connecting the two lovely creatures that are perched on it together.

Matching small black anchors are inked on the side of each partner’s hand. The crown, fluke, shank, stock and ring parts are all outlined in a nice and neat, symmetrical way. It creates a strong connection of a love that refuses to sink.

Bright red hearts and roses will spruce up the love of any couple. This tattoo is made more fun with eyes laid on the lovely objects, and lovelier with a ribbon bearing the word AMOR, and a number of small white flowers in the backdrop.

The King and Queen of hearts are undoubtedly awesome love tattoos, arriving in simple letters inked in red on the side of the finger. As their prowess lets them rule in card games, and these symbols will let you win the game of love!

Where’s Mickey? The hidden icon is out and about sitting on the wrist of two lovers! The guy tattoo features the classic Mickey symbol, while the gal tattoo displays the same, only with a polka-dot red ribbon who’d be no other than Minnie Mouse.

Two lovely swans, big and small, freely float on each person’s body. Origamis are enhanced even more with the splash of watercolor making it look like the birds are swimming in water. A dab of elegance is added by the tiny crows floating atop their heads.

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