This tattoo is a photo of Lucy and Charlie being in love. Well actually, they are are pretty cute because Lucy is grinning from ear to ear, but Charlie Brown is frowning! It is a fun loving tattoo design that tells a cute love story anyhow!

This engraved tattoo matches two different people by giving them matching engraved tattoos of something special written between them in a secret code. They only need to find each other to know that the tattoos show that they are a match!

This tattoo is of a bird in flight for the woman, and the man has a tree where the bird can rest on or call home. What a great couples tattoo. It means that he is willing to be the place where she rests and calls home emotionally.

These tattoos are of different puzzle pieces that only match each other. The couples stand side by side, and these ankle tattoos match each other as a perfect fit!

This is a sweet matching design on both of the couples wrists. When they hold hands, they match up!

The Mickey and Minnie classic famous couple are easily recognizable in this lovers’ tattoo. The only difference is that they’re younger, chubbier, cuter, and more adorable as babies. Once the hands hold and fingers clasp, they’ll be getting their first kiss!

Though the ring finger is not yet wearing a ring, love is bound by two matching tattoos. The man has a strong and sturdy tree bearing a number of branches, while the woman has a small owl inked with the tiniest details.

Among the simplest yet most remarkable love tattoo ideas is this matching ampersand design laden at the center of the wrist. It’s the perfect logogram which represents the conjunction “and” that is meant to connect and bind a couple together in love.

How else can you tell that two things are a perfect match, but by puzzle pieces that would seamlessly fit when put together? The outline of each puzzle is placed on the wrist where each piece holds a tiny red heart at its center.

This couple tattoo design is as rare as sea turtles with each picture inked in attractive colors at the bottom of the legs near each lover’s foot. The shells come in black patterns while it is surrounded in tiny pink or orange circles, while the head, legs and feet come in green.

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