King or queen, prince or princess, man and woman, girl and boy, you are both meant to be treated like royalty. These black crown tattoos show a detailed appearance with jeweled, rounded and pointy tips that altogether express sophistication, elegance, and a powerful love.

Home is where the heart is, period. The wrist is where the “home.” tattoo is found, right where each lover’s heart belongs, that is, in each other’s heart! The words give off a classic look with the letters seemingly inked by a typewriter.

A tiny half heart is imbued on the side of the index finger of each lover’s arm, setting itself unique from a pinky promise or the binding ring finger. Once a couple gently puts their index fingers together, a small but strikingly meaningful heart forms.

Magical, beautiful, a fan’s dream come true, and truly one of the best love tattoos idea is what this single-word tattoo is that is sourced from Hary Potter’s Snape. His famous line, Always, appears symbolic as it adorns the couple’s wrists.

Two hearts, different yet the same, look so eye-catchy on the wrists. One image shows a hollow heart with splashes of wonderful colors bursting out of it, while the other image shows a heart that’s filled to the last inch with the fantastic colors.

Anchor your rare relationship with these small, but bold and strong anchor tattoos inked on each thumb. The beauty of the design flaunts while drinking your favorite cup of coffee, or having a toast to your love with some wine.

What’s the easiest way to let your special someone know how you truly feel? You’ve got to tell it! This love tattoo design says it all with an entire quote written on each lover’s arm which makes for the sweetest thing in the world.

Lovers of the seas will fall for this leg tattoos ideas that’s the coolest ever. One of the matching images is made up of a sturdy anchor with a red heart at its center, while the other is a curved fishing pole, with both surrounded by the blue waters.

You won’t need cupid with this simple, striking, straight to the point couple design for a tattoo. The long arrow is drawn at the wrist, pointing towards the direction of the cute little heart that’s right on the partner’s wrist.

Two puzzle pieces look quite different with one outline is filled with a red blooming rose with a number of shiny petals, while the other shows a vintage watch with a chain in mostly blue backdrop. Still, they remain one and the same when put together to fit perfectly and stick together.

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