This affirming love design is meaningful. This is because the first tattoo asks ‘real or not real’, and the second answers ‘real’. The true story is told when the couple is holding hands and their arms are held closely together so that the viewer can read both of the tattoos side to side!

Of all the couple tattoos, we find this one really adorable. This is because it is simple, yet it tells the love story well. It is a tattoo of two hearts side by side, digitally created heart designs make it a bit more unique.

This is a really sweet love tattoo design. This is because the player one and the symbol is tattooed on the wrist of one of them, and player 2 with its video game symbol is tattooed on the wrist of the second person.

This is a great creative tattoo set for couples because of how unique it is. It almost looks video game style and a lot of fun. The heart capsule is placed in different positions for all three settings. The two are the same, but in a different colour.

This is truly one of the most adorable tattoos for couples. We love this tattoo because the first tattoo set is of a girl and the second on the other leg or arm is of a heart balloon. The little girl is pointing at the heart and it just sets the tone for romance and sweetness.

This telephone couples tattoo is great because on one person (or on one side) the girl is listening from the old fashion cup and string telephone. On the other side, the boy is listening as well. They are intricately connected via the design in the tattoo on both sides.

This is a super cozy and sweet love tattoo. It is beautiful because the whole picture when the design is put together is of a tea bag being placed in a cup of steaming water. It shows that nothing is complete with out the other. What a great tattoo for those in love. The tattoo also depicts warmth.

This is great because the zombies in love are trying to court each other. On one side (or couple), the zombie is trying to declare his love with a bloody brain or heart that is dripping of blood! The girl is pointing in disbelief on the other side (or person). This is a hilarious love tattoo.

This is a tattoo of smiling marshmallows in love. It is too cute. The designs are small and adorable. They can go on one side of the wrist as first marshmallow in love and the second is responding with love in the design as well. When the couple holds hands, the love can be seen by these simple, small tattoos.

This complete kit love tattoo tells the story of how to complete the kit! It comes with a screwdriver on one side, and the nail on the other. Only when this couple is together in love is everything fixed inside of them. This tattoo for couples is actually very good for telling their love story.

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