Sea waves, bubbles and mountains are visible in this unique looking tattoo with black and white color. Lots of lines and highlights have been used to enhance the overall look of the tattoo.

This black and white upper arm tattoo shows an uneven land near the lake side, the still water of the lake and the sky of the lake’s another side. The expert artwork makes the unevenness of the land very real looking and creates an optical illusion on the flat surface of your body.

If you are searching for great wave tattoos for guys, consider this black and white artwork for wide area of the body. When sea waves become crazy during storms, the sea becomes a giant who grasps everything that comes its way. And this is what has been drawn in the tattoo. The gigantic wave with its big mouth is ready to take the ship inside. The underneath beauty of the sea is also visible here. The mermaid and small aquatic plants are created with perfection.

This is a large tattoo and covers a wide area of your body. The sketch signifies no particular thing. The thorough highlights and use of black and brown colors make the tattoo attractive looking. Those who want abstract artwork on their bodies, this tattoo is perfect for them.

This is a black and white large tattoo of a single man sailing a boat in the middle of the sea with a fish. The artistic highlights have amazingly described the stormy weather. In this image the tattoo covers the chest area. It will look perfect on the back area too.

This is a blue colored tattoo of sea waves in different conditions. Some waves are calm, some are moderate and some are huge in this tattoo. Proper highlights and carves have made the differences with fine touch.

This is a tattoo of abstract patterns of waves. It plays with various shades of blue color. The way the blue color has made the tattoo attractive looking, nobody can avoid noticing it.

Black and white colored excellent artwork shows a sea with huge waves and a ship, struggling with an octopus. The fine highlights have depicted the craziness of the entire situation perfectly in this tattoo.

This is a tattoo of waves in circular motion. The artist has played with many colors and added a cool look to the tattoo. Blue, green, orange, yellow, pink and red make the tattoo look really unique. It looks almost like the way sea waves look when somebody does sea-surfing.

This Black and blue with the tinge of green colored tattoo, is of sea, mountain, trees and the moon. This gives a complete look of a sea beach in the evening. Highlights have been used to create clouds and moonlight.

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