Black and white tattoo of waves, rising sun and clouds. Detailed work has been done to make this simple tattoo look attractive and beautiful.

This colored tattoo shows the way a globe looks from the space. But only the partial look has been drawn in this tattoo. The sea waves and the portion of lands are visible. Blue has been used for the sea. Rest of the tattoo is drawn in black color. Extra lines and fine highlights have added an edgy look.

This is one of the unique wave tattoos. The tattoo is a black and white artwork and drawn on the chest. The sun is shining from the clouds. The entire tattoo is created upside down and that is what makes it different and unique.

Crazy huge waves in a circle is drawn in this tattoo and can look great on upper arm. Additional lines make the waves look more huge and real. This is a black and white tattoo and adds a simple yet decent look on anybody’s personality.

This is a black and white tattoo of waves between lines. It is placed on forearm near elbow and covered the portion in a circular manner. This is considered as one of the most simple-looking wave tattoo ideas. It adds an elegant touch to the overall look of a person.

This is a black and white tattoo of huge waves. It is drawn in a circle. The half portion of the circle is created by drawing line, and the other half portion is completed by placing dots in a circular way.

This is a very unique and creative wave tattoos idea. The base color is blue. The tattoo shows a lonely boat driven by a single person in the huge waves of a deep blue sea. The strokes and highlights have perfectly shown the craziness of the seawaves. This tattoo is apt for those who have gone through many storms in life and overcome everything with fighting spirit.

This is another one of the wave tattoos for men and shows creative artwork. With minimal, moderate and deep highlights, this black and white tattoo shows waves in various ways . It is a large tattoo. In this image the tattoo is placed on the chest along with the upper arm, which looks absolutely perfect.

A colorful tattoo of a dangerous looking red snake and a bearded man’s face. To cover the additional area, blue color has been used with various strokes, shapes and sizes. This is certainly one of the best tattoo ideas for men. It covers large area of the body. So pick the right place to add an extreme touch to your overall look.

This colored tattoo is about sea waves, lighthouse, compass and a ship, sailing through the storm. Blue is used for the sky and ocean waves. Black and white is used for the ship. Yellow, black and brown is used for the compass.

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