A simple tattoo, because the lines are thin and the color is black, but it’s still an abundant one because the waves are dense and repeated. It can be suitable for a simple and serious man, but sophisticated in the same time.

A complex and rich tattoo, with more shapes and patterns. There is a combination of two triangles, with a circle, a half-moon and a nice black wave. It can be drawn on your legs and even better on your arm.

It looks like something simple, just a black wave, but it’s not. There is a thick, imposing wave, which suggests greatness and majesty. Just as you see in the picture, it perfectly fits on the lower part of your leg.

This is one of the most nicest wave tattoo ideas because of the light blue. This is the perfect wave and the perfect color for a sea or an ocean. So, as a tattoo it fits great on the hand, just like the photo shows.

A small tattoo, a small wave and a combination of blue, representing the see or the water, and white, representing the foam. It’s an awesome tattoo and it is suitable for chest, arm, leg or back.

A perfect tattoo for your chest, more complex, which has four waves and some kind of aztec pattern. Those waves represent the daunting width and depth of the sea with the most tumultuous waves.

Besides the majestic and imposing blue wave, this tattoo has the most amazing color of the sky on the background. The color of the sunset greatly combines with the color of the wave and its foam. The best place for this tattoo is on the forearm, close to the wrist.

The beautiful shape of the dame (playing cards) put together with the black wave fits great on a man’s arm. It suggests mystery, strength and authority. This is perfect for your arms, usually forearm and wrist.

This is one of the wave tattoos for men which can be drawn almost everywhere: arm, leg, chest or back. It suggests something conservative, conventional and dignified.

A more simplistic tattoo, a wave drawn with thin lines which can be easily confused with a mountain. It can be associated with heavy intense energy and it fits better on the forearms or on the chest.

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