Skulls make great watercolor tattoos for guys and this skull, designed with thick black lines, is softened by the inclusion of strokes of mainly orange and blue, but also red towards the center of the downward glancing skull.


In this interesting pelvis to shoulder tattoo we see a winding picture, with some triangle shapes that make it seem kite like. Along the design are two large Zeppelins that overlap each other and another smaller one towards the end.


Tattoos can be striking even on a small scale as we see in this picture. A simple black abstract wing tattoo, on the wrist, is brought to life with the simple addition of purple and blue color.


In this tattoo we can see a figure with a soft, feminine face who is reaching out and touching her own arm. The arm is decorated with a mirage of colors and flowers. The tattoo also has large sections of blue paint that “trickle” down the arm.


This upper arm tattoo is an abstract design that shows black lines extending away from a hollow looking round point at the shoulder end. At the round end there are dabs of red and purple ink and these give way to blues and yellows on the outer lines.


Superhero themes always make fantastic watercolor tattoo ideas, representing the strong will of men. This twist on the classic Superman emblem has softer lines, but keeps to the original colors of red, blue and yellow.


This is a large and remarkable watercolor back tattoo showing an abstract dragon. The dragon is brought to life with spiky lines and triangular shapes and is decorated in a wide range of colors accentuated by patches of black ink.


This tattoo design is of a vivid blue and red bird with outstretched wings, with a crown above its head. The colors are eye-catching and the artist has added black and colored “inkblots” and splashes to add to the watercolor theme.


The top part of this tattoo has been cleverly designed with black and red harsh lines to seem almost as though it is a pixilated image. The colors then become softer as they fade towards the bottom, as though they are being dissolved with water.


This leg tattoo centers on the image of a simply shaped man being pulled, or falling, into a blue void. There is a darker blue and purple image below the void and to the side there is a water creature, cloaked in green ink, watches on.

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