A well-made watercolor tattoo made on both forearms, here we see that the artist has made a tattoo of a hawk on one side of the hand and the other side has a tattoo of a flower. This double side tattoo has smudges and splatter that make it stand out as brilliant piece of art.


Compass watercolor tattoos for men have been quite popular because of its relation with direction and navigation, here we have a superb compass made with staggering details. The artist has managed to enhance the tattoo by adding some thoughtful splatters in the background.


People like to have tattoos made which only they or a group of people can understand, here we have a similar themed watercolor tattoo for guys. The tattoo shows a famous figure found in the scriptures of human anatomy, it also has a few words inscribed in an inverted text over and under the tattoo.


A surreal piece of art made into a watercolor themed tattoo, in this piece we see how the artist has made perfect use of the theme and added emotion of the image. The tattoo shows a face of a wolf that is shadowed by what looks like bleeding ink, it is making the overall tattoo stand out.


A well made watercolor tattoo design of a lion’s head, here we see that the artist has made a popular concept into a truly wonderful peice of art. The colors used are also contrasting and complementing the lion’s head pretty well, tattoos ideas like these are capable of setting trends that can last for many years to come.


This tattoo shows a handsome butterfly in strong, bold primary colors with a black lace detail towards the body. Notice how the blue paint “trickles off” just below the butterfly’s body, creating the illusion of watercolor paint running in a natural way.


In this tattoo we see a large, black wooden ship with its sails billowing in the wind. The sharp and sudden black ink detail around the ship could represent a turbulent sea that the ship is crossing over.


This is a strong masculine symbol of a ships anchor, a perfect watercolor tattoo design for men. The anchor is solid with straight edge detail and is backed with a bright splash of rainbow colors, including blue which could depict the turbulent sea.


Birds always make good tattoos ideas. This stunning shoulder to shoulder design shows a vivid blue bird perched on a black branch. There is additional detail of green and orange to add to the nature feel of this tattoo.


This tattoo is a striking depiction of the face of a strong looking wolf. While the nose and eyes of the wolf are black we see color, including green and blue, that blossoms outward and drips down.

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