The tiki man’s face on this tattoo is well illustrated and defined with its eyes wide open. The face is made the center of attention and sits at the top. The bottom part of the tattoo is full of traditional patterns which adds a decorative effect.


If you are looking for unique way to convey the tiki man mythology then consider this one. It is drawn with a wooden effect and has a twisted face. The comical effect is stretched further by the flowery details all around it.


This tiki tatto is in an oval shape and rests on the lower portion of the back of the leg. It is in black ink which earns it its originality. It has a unique appeal to it that runs all around unlike other authentic tiki man images.


This is one of the most complex tiki man tattoo ideas for men. It incorporates many complex details in it. The tiki man’s face is on one side of the tattoo but shares its glory with many other details. It is a definite attention grabber.


If you are looking for tiki tattoos to cover up an old tattoo or scar then this is an ideal choice. It could also work for people who are looking for a complex way to illustrate the tiki mythology. In the midst of all the detail, the face is conveyed within a circle.


The tiki man’s idea is more than a face. A nose, mouth or an ear could simply be used to illustrate the same concept. In this tattoo, all of these are incorporated for a unique touch. The blank ink makes it more defined.


This is a diverse tattoo idea which incorporates the ray fish and a theater mask all within the same image. It is a unique way of making the tattoo interesting or even incorporating all your passions in one image.


This is a really defined tiki man tattoo with boldly illustrative images and colors. The tiki man in this image has all his facial features exaggerated which almost brings the tattoo to life.


This is one of the most passionate tiki tattoos idea for any guy. It covers the entire arm with clear border lines around the wrist. The tiki man’s face is well conveyed at the back of the elbow and surrounded by traditional patterns all around.


This tattoo is what you are likely to find on a wooden plank and the poles of an entrance of a cave especially in games. The details are very illustrative and features the entire body of the tiki man.

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