It’s funny how different mediums have influenced each over the decades. This piece is obviously influenced by digital design and it’s been interesting to see how tattoo artists have been using Photoshop, Illustrator and other graphics apps to come up with tattoos ideas. But of course, anyone who knows their history of art and design knows that computer graphics owes a lot to serigraphy.


Rosary beads are used by the most devout believers to count the different components of a prayer. Aside from the cross, there are many different religious icons that can be used for a scripture tattoo concept.


When it comes to a tattoo that’s all text sometimes you’re definitely going to want the symmetry to be “perfect”, with the spacing between the lines and words spaced out methodically. Then again there are other times when you want to go freehand for a much more natural look.


Here we see another guy for whom Philippians 4:13 rings true who also got this chest piece, albeit only the verse. The lettering is a lot more precise too.


Another instance where someone opted to keep it simple and only include the Book, Chapter, and Verse. The crucifix separating the 8 and the 18 is a nice, subtle detail.


A lot of different elements are packed tightly into the composition of this Catholic-themed tattoo yet it doesn’t feel cramped or forced. Once again we see the rosary beads. If we’re being picky we should mention that there technically should be an apostrophe in ‘God’s’.


It’s good to experiment with different font styles, but if it’s a religiously themed tattoo you have to ask yourself how important it is that the finished product be easily legible.


Here, the skin ripped away to reveal parchment concept seen in so many scripture tattoos for guys that a lot of artists focus on is flipped on its head. The top layer appears to be fabric, ripped away to reveal the biblical message written on bones. The position of the natural and the man-made materials is thus inverted.


This is the third time we’ve seen a Philippians 4:13 but it’s the first time we’ve seen Roman numerals being used.


Here’s another well-known bible verse, done up as a scripture tattoo for men. The term for the first letter being larger like this is “drop cap”, and so, in this case, you’d describe it as an “olde English drop cap”.

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