Written in a rather dark, silhouette tattoo design, the scripture on this tattoo idea speaks of how God’s light shines your way. Interestingly, despite the silhouette design, the scripture words are legible and therefore go a long way to show that indeed the Lord lights your way even in the dark.


Ideal for the modern Catholic man, this scripture tattoo ideas bears the image of Holy Mary in her crowned form clasping a cross and below her is a scripture text. Above the image is the text “peace of mind” which goes to tell that despite the challenges you face, you need to trample them since peace of mind and coronation await you in the end.


Simple, short and brief. The “trust” scripture tattoos for men carries your motto. Written in beautiful text design, the tattoo shows that with a simple act like trust, you will be able to reap beautiful things.


Embracing authenticity and originality, the Genesis 1:1 text tattoo ideas for men show that you are a man who loves originality as well as embracing history. You are keen to details and nothing, no matter how small, escapes your knack for perfection.


A bird standing next to a scripture scroll. The tattoo show that just like a bird, you love freedom and being able to do as you please. The scripture is again generated from Psalms 23 that speaks of how free you are when you have the Lord on your side.


Some scripture written on your bicep plus two hands in prayer clasping a rosary, this is a rich image that portrays you as a prayerful person. You are a Catholic who believes in the power of prayers and especially reciting the Rosary.


A bloody cross standing next to a scripture that is punctuated by a capitalized word here and there, this scripture tattoos idea show the utmost connection we have with the Lord. By the bloody cross that Christ died at Golgotha, our connection with God is indelible.


Flowers everywhere encircling this beautiful scripture, the tattoo shows that with the Lord, we are in a beautiful place. But we have to hear his word and keep it. Ideal for guys who wish to hear and take action on Bible scriptures, the tattoo bears the love relationship you need to keep with your maker.


Beautiful text written on your chest, this tattoo speaks strongly about your strength and where it comes from. While not many people would stomach getting a tattoo on their chest, you go ahead and have one that talks about your resolve and reason for unshakable determination.


Running along your torso, the message runs deep communicating of your gullibility and infallibility. The bearer of the message therefore prays to God that may he be granted with serenity, courage and wisdom because he does not have them. It is a great message to carry along when you understand your inevitable mortality and God’s immortality.

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