This looks like heavy, dark clouds but with light rays shining through the haziness. It bears a deep message on letting go and letting God.


A torn skin bearing a cross tattoo, this scripture tattoos for guys reminds you of where your Christianity came from. It did not originate from joy. No, it was through the tearing of a skin and the nailing on a cross. Causing deep reflection, this tattoo concept is ideal for that man who always want to remember where his religion came from.


The beautiful calligraphy text carefully inscribed onto the wrist, this tattoo shows a deep connection and submission onto God’s hands. The submission is beautiful and culminates into a beautiful relationship with him. After the scripture is three crosses with the mid one towering over the other two. It represents the beautiful place Golgotha where it all started.


God, Serenity, Courage and Wisdom are carefully written in large sizes and beautiful shapes. Ideal for a man who wants God to be his compass, Serenity his atmosphere, Courage their resolve and Wisdom their companion, this tattoo is a great inspiration to be more righteous.


A reminder of those rough surfaces where the men of yore used to write their scriptures, this tattoo concept shows you how far Christianity has come to now where we have Bible tablets and apps on smartphones. Despite its long past, the Bible is still a revered book because it bears the message of God about Serenity, Courage and Wisdom.


At first glance, I thought that this side by side was actually two legs with symmetric designs but you quickly realize that this is the same photographed at two angles so you pay close attention to the way the shading really makes it look as if the skin has been pulled away to reveal the scripture underneath.


“The Lord’s Prayer” is one of the most well-known and most beloved recitations from the Bible. Everyone knows it, which is why it totally makes sense that the bird is obfuscating portions of it in this scripture tattoo.


Here we see another take on the skin being ripped away to reveal the text . Once again it’s ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ and once again sections of the text are hidden from view, but these are words that just about everyone is familiar with and they can all fill in the blanks.


The same motif, but the band of skin being stretched over the scripture gives this piece a heightened sense of dynamics.


The solid black cross with its brilliant use of negative space makes a bold, faithful statement even from afar while at the same time the cursive text that appears to be dripping from the horizontal beam invites the viewer to get up close.

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