A melancholic woman resting her eyes is pictured on this rib tattoo with Hawaiian water lilies decorating her beautiful face, giving the portrait wonderful detail. In addition, the tattoo features realistic shading and an interesting pattern in the center where her closed eye meets the man’s heart.


A phantasmal portrait of a cackling man and a disjointed skull in black and white engulfed by hellish tentacles is portrayed in this tattoo. The most detail is given to the man’s face on top, with vacant eyes and a snarling mouth, while the skull below is being destroyed by the ghoulish tentacles. The tattoo extends onto the torso and the back.


In this rib tattoo, bats soar away from the moon in the background. The bats are completely shaded in black while the moon is shaded only slightly to give it the appearance of being riddled with holes and pulsating. This is the perfect rib tattoo idea for the night owl or a batman fan.


This rib tattoo features a sparrow nesting within two violet roses, with the text ‘Gustafson’ wrapping around in banner form and ending in the sparrow’s mouth. The tattoo features a vibrant color schematic and because of the violet, green, and turquoise colors, catches the attention of many viewers.


The perfect rib tattoo for the guy that needs daily motivation and a power boost. This tattoo features the italicized text ‘Never Give Up’, a saying that is common in popular culture from many recent movies and songs. The tattoo is a testament to the owner’s will to power and drive to live.


A photo-realistic rib tattoo of leafs, foliage, and budding pinecones, which pops out due to its beautiful coloration and detail. The foliage extends to the lower armpit of the man and features a representation of spring, summer, and fall with subtle hints of yellow and green in order to demonstrate to the viewer its theme.


Featuring the iconic, dramatic masks of Shakespeare, comedy and tragedy, this rib tattoo also includes the song lyrics from Led Zeppelin “Good Times, Bad Times” in banner form. For the partier, the actor, or the nihilist, this tattoo will work wonders to express your emotions and give your life some flavor if necessary. And for the Zeppelin fans, this will be a welcome addition.


This rib tattoo displays a skull adorned with roses, dandelions, and a butterfly, with a tropical aesthetic. The budding flowers and the hand drawn skull give a caring touch to this tattoo art, while its color schematic draws the attention of any viewer. The bright blue backdrop guides the eyes to the vacant skull eye sockets and offers a contemplative experience.


A highly detailed Anubis, the guider of souls, rib tattoo, with the ancient god leaning slightly over his heavenly scepter ready to decide the fate of this man. With the powerful association of the afterlife and its dynamic visual style, this tattoo is a great idea for most history buffs or spiritual men.


This rib tattoo features two metaphors and is written in times new roman and italics. The passage bears a certain meaning to the tattoo owner, but its placement and design would be great for many men. The placement is only readable from the side and the text is shaded black.

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