A unique eclipse rib tattoo featuring a rupture that traces the man’s left rib towards his lat muscles in black and white. The design centralizes the solar eclipse with the silhouette of the ruptures in order to give the illusion that his skin is sliced open and gushing out blood.


An angelic warrior tattoo with a deity facing courageously towards any onlooker, holding with it the ‘scales of fortune’ and a sword in hand. This tattoo is in black and white with traces of purple, and as the warrior is seen with bulging muscles, courage in the face of destitution is its theme.


A raven rib tattoo, with the raven descending as its wings flutter across the upper ribs in black and white. The beak extends towards the abdomen and its talons are ready for landing or grasping prey. This style is similar to a graphite sketch.


A surrealistic dragon rib tattoo with talons reaching upwards, powerful enough to clutch onto prey, done in black and white with a background of violet ether. The dragon is seen flying through gaseous clouds as it opens its mouth. Whiskers are sketched below its mouth, reminiscent of Chinese mythology, which declared the dragon as a god.


A peaceful bird rib tattoo with four birds in flight, shadows cast forward. This bird tattoo is common in popular culture and represents a peaceful journey and forward destiny; it’s a great tattoo idea for men. The tattoo extends all the way to the upper left abdomen.


A nude, tribal woman rib tattoo, with the naked woman wearing a ritual headdress as seen in many Native American religious ceremonies. In this incredible rib tattoo idea, the tattoo is composed of a turquoise and black color schematic, as the detail is extremely intricate in scope. The woman gazes ahead, longingly, filled with content and despair.


A mixture of surrealism and cubism, this rib tattoo of a grinning skeleton missing an eye and two teeth, is backed by a smirking Minotaur. The Minotaur wraps around the man’s arm while the skeleton becomes wrapped in the Minotaur’s arms and tentacles. The skeleton’s eye is particularly detailed and no matter where the viewer stands, the eye stares back at him.


A rib tattoo of a blood-splattered, crushed in skull with realistic blood coloration. The skull has a quarter of its head bashed while blood splatters from the top and sides. In addition, the nose is slightly damaged and the teeth are askew, indicating that the skull was involved in a brutal fight.


This rib tattoo of a single angel wing mimics a drawing or a sketch with a graphite style. While retaining its realistic feel, the tattoo elevates through its placement to reach towards the tattoo owner’s lat muscles. This gives the illusion that flight is not yet attainable to man.


A warrior-style rib tattoo showing the many manifestations of combat in nature and man. The tattoo displays a scene of a Japanese Wolf impaled by a katana yet crushing the blade into pieces, while at the same time a viper and arrows riddle the wolf’s head causing an outpour of blood. This combat scene uses Eastern art style, accurate coloration, and powerful portraits as symbolism.

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