This adorable yet immensely detailed tattoo is guaranteed to inspire awe. With attention paid to the feathers, eyes, and beak, it is the background that makes all the difference. The stark green makes the bird pop, even as the white feathers among the brown and black ones ensure that the attention is focused on the eyes.


This shaded black tattoo will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. There is a skull looming in the background, while the owl’s talons are outspread, ready to grab the prey. Symbolizing death and destruction, this is a great tattoo for all men!


This colorful owl tattoo depicts the the deadly trio. While the blue represents calmness, the wide eyes show alertness, and the owl itself is a symbol of excellent perceptiveness – the perfect combination to take on any challenge.


For those men looking for a minimalist tattoo, this is the perfect one. With the face made in shades of gray and black, the attention is focused onto the bird’s gaze. And as we know, the magic is all in the piercing eyes that seem to see what no one else can. It depicts wisdom, perceptiveness, and preparedness.


This astute creature appears to rest on a tree branch with eyes wide open to depict an observant nature. The brown contrasts beautifully with the yellow-green background to create a wonderful image. Moreover, the attentive stare embodies all that the bird stands for.


Whoever knew that white could be so badass? This incredible tattoo idea depicts a snowy owl as it stares menacingly. Its yellow eyes become the clear focus even as the light blue background portrays a composed nature.


With the focus entirely on the bird’s fiery eyes, it is an image to fear. It depicts the ultimate predator ready to strike, while the eyes capture it’s unrelenting determination. The face, done in shades of brown, is contrasted wonderfully with the green leaves in the corners to present an impressive combination.


Known especially for their ability to hunt, owls have a keen sense of direction as well. This black ink tattoo depicts the predator along with a compass and the inscription, ‘All Roads Lead Home’. It is meant for the wanderer at heart, because even on unknown paths they are never truly lost.


For the more creative-minded man, this black ink tattoo is made to inspire. The wise owl is composed of a variety of designs. The geometric shapes in the forehead come together to make a diamond, whereas the body is depicts of a skull.


With soft tones and careful shading, only the sharp eyes are in focus – this owl is ready for the hunt. This foot tattoo is sure to make people do a double take as the majestic creature stares back at them with a collected look on his face.

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