With various patterns and dots arranged in particular manner, this is an extremely effective graphic representation of the mysterious animal. The absence of colors is masterly recompensed by the exquisitely achieved contrast between black and white, making this design one of the best tattoo ideas.


In this black-and-grey tattoo most of the things are achieved with line. It is the tool for achieving the texture of feathers, but also of the branch that the owl is perching on. A large number of dots make this cute-looking bird come to life.


The black-and-grey technique brings out the vividness of this tiny forest creature, which is achieved by some great work with shading. The bird seems to emanate glow, owing to the soft finish, and the ethereal quality of the branch adds to the dreamworld atmosphere.


This is a fantastic owl tattoo for men, because it represents the owls in a completely new light. It is done in black-and-grey, with blue details, but the effect is that of metal, made to resemble a blade, However, the deep-blue center reminds us that after all, the warrior’s greatest weapon is his heart.


This extremely colorful owl representation associates the owl with Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), a holiday celebrating the spiritual journey of those who died. Therefore, the owl is accompanied with black veil and diamond tears, holding a sugar skull.


This plump owl is a very compelling example of owl tattoos, owing to the technique used. The drawing is comprised of only several effective lines, but it is taken to the next level with a carefree touch of blue and violet, accompanied by the red flowers done in the same fashion.


This particular black-and-grey owl is very distinguishable, thanks to the black standing out to great extent. There is also a lot of manipulation with dots and lines, especially in the head area, and yet again, this is a realistic image.


In this design, the owl has practically come to life and flown away from skin. It is an extremely engaging depiction of a perfectly captured moment, and the red highlights only add up to the expressiveness, making the owl appear almost ferocious.


This is an outstandingly realistic black-and-grey take on an owl, starting from the glistening eyes and long beak, to the rich feather structure. The shading job is brought to its best in the fade-out effect, so that the owl looks as if emerging from the surface of the skin.


When it comes to realistic representation, this is probably as good as it gets. An outstanding texture of feathers which makes you feel you can almost pet them, and the amber eyes that are gazing at you, by getting this tattoo, you are practically getting yourself a new pet.

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