The design shows the power of having a center. And when trust center is spiritual, you are bound to shine and be strong.


Beautiful mandala designs superimposed on each other, this tattoo idea shows you that in life you are going to be met by many things. However, you need conquer them all. It is only the strong that make it through.


Crystal like diamond structures on your leg and hand show that you are a dear commodity. It denotes that you have a high self-esteem and will not be put down by anybody.


On the shoulder is an outstanding mandala design and a path of undrawn flesh seems to stem from this floral design. The tattoo shows that with a beautiful inner balance, your path will be well out laid and it will not take you much to find it.


With a compass like centre, this tattoo seems to tell you that you need a direction. The direction is your centre and mission. With it, you will be met by beauty and success as the tattoo has beautiful lotus floral designs on the outside of the circle.


Fiery and all bloody, this mandala tattoo ideas show that you are a fierce and determined person. You are not to be discouraged by small things. No, you get all fiery and tackle them one after the other.


Resting squarely on your wrist, this design shows how your religion rests in your soul. It rests squarely and beautifully accentuating your life and giving you that much needed balance.


A central cross like figure surrounded by a pattern of floral images, these tattoo ideas for men show balance and will power. With little faith, you are going to surmount all the great challenges that seem to surround your life.


Spiral and really beautiful, this mandala tattoo design shows that you are a positive and jovial person. You believe that your life is not only enigmatic but is also punctuated with an inner beauty that no one can really place a finger on to define it.


Two beautiful flowers connected by a pattern of smaller ones, this tattoos ideas show the relationship that all of us have. We are all connected by little things that surround us. The tattoo shows that you value diversity and uniqueness of people. Since the tattoo is on both hands, it shows spiritual submission–you do not own anything. You submit yourself to providence from the gods.

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