Wow! A mandala, done on the entire back? This image shows how perfectly a symmetrical tattoo such as mandala can fit with a large ‘canvas’ such as the entire back. Also, it is astounding how the tattoo artist managed to do the tattoo with such precision. A work of art, indeed.


This image shows how powerful mandala can look when combined with other designs. In most cases, a mandala combined with a sleeve tattoo is a great choice, and this example is no exception. Also, the dark areas are done brilliantly, both bold and faded ones.


This tattoo depicts a beautiful flower mandala tattoos idea. It is done on the elbow, with elbow tip being used as the center of the pattern.


Wow! Here we have a shoulder snowflake mandala, connected by some amazing design with a spider web mandala on the biceps, ending with a forearm mandala. The whole sleeve is done in black ink, and the design is flawless.


Here we have a shoulder mandala pattern, continuing in a beautiful sleeve tattoo. An armpit is used as a central part of this amazing (and extremely complicated) mandala. Everything is done in bold black ink, with faded parts which are done beautifully.


A testimony that you have a body and mind balance, this spiritual tattoo design shows that you are a deep and reflective person. The lotus floral patterns on the periphery show that just like a flower, you are blossoming with newness and hope.


A beautiful floral mandala pattern showing that you acknowledge the beauty of nature, the tattoo on your hand says that you will use your hands for the development and propagation of nature. It also says that you are a grateful person who appreciates even the tiniest bits you meet on your way.


Nature is beautiful and will be nice to those that treat it with respect but when you decide to destroy it, it shows its angry fangs and bites. Carrying the message of vengeance, this tattoo also shows that despite your niceness, people should not take you for granted. You can as well bite them when they are terrible to you.


Beautiful floral patterns everywhere, this tattoo has an aspect of aesthetic glamour. It is alluring and shows that you are gentle person with a good soul. You ooze with gallantry and menial politeness. The circles at the heart of the floral pattern show that you value oneness and teamwork.


Another amazing lotus floral mandala tattoo for men at the back of your hand, this tattoo bears the message that our backbone is religion. We are tied and connected to higher beings who are fatherly enough to let us live despite our iniquities.

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