This upper arm tattoo depicts a roaring lion in an abstract, Blackwork inking. The lion’s face breaks into a roar amidst a tangle of twisting Blackwork swirls and shapes. This tattoo could serve to be the beginning of a sleeve, or could stand on its own.


Reaching from the inner elbow to just above the inner wrist, this tattoo features a roaring lion depicted in pastel style. The lion roars in strokes of orange, black, and brown. The inking is done to resemble brush strokes.


This geometric tattoo stretches down the bicep. It features the left side of a lion face, inked in geometric lines, and filled in with stunning Dotwork. The face is split in two by a straight line. On the right side of the face, Latin script runs horizontally down the arm.


This New School style sleeve features an angel emerging from the scripted words “Amor Fati”. The angel stands mid arm, amidst a swirling mass of shaded cloud. Atop the angel sits a lion’s head, its mane majestically detailed and billowing up and onto the shoulder.


This tattoo depicts a lion’s face, inked in the very popular Water Color style. The lion’s face itself is depicted in Surrealist style- detailed, yet illustrative. Water color panels of red, orange, and blue brush across its face and splatter droplets across the arm.


This tattoo idea features a lion staring out from the inner bicep of the arm. He is shaded and detailed in typical New School tattoo style. Behind his head, a full moon is shadowed by dark night sky. The tiny silhouettes of trees can be seen on the horizon line.


This lion tattoo screams regality and strength. It stretches from the shoulder all the way down to the elbow, and features an impressively realistic lion head of great detail and fantastic shading technique. The lion wears a white, kingly crown.


This Surrealism tattoo runs from the inner elbow to just above the wrist. A thin black line stretches from above the inner elbow to the top of the lion’s face, which is splashed with red water color brush strokes that run down the arm. The lion’s bright green eyes and the geometric line work overlays make this a breathtaking piece for men.


This realistic, full color tattoo sleeve depicts a lion family in New School style. The father lion’s head adorns the shoulder and deltoid, standing bright and fierce against the backdrop of a starry blue sky. The mother rests below, with her two cubs. All are detailed to perfection.


A grey scale lion tattoo blends from the flesh of the arm in faded gradient. The shading of the mane makes the lion’s hairs appear to be blowing in the wind; the careful detailing of the face make it appear stunningly realistic.

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