Another classic tattoo staple, this design features the well known “Mom” banner word font, with an old fashioned six shooter pistol to make up a bulk of the design. If you want something that lets people know that you are a fan of the good old-fashion designs, then consider something like this.

Humor always goes a long way in making good tattoos. If you want something that will make your friends laugh out loud, while showing off your luck-of-the-irish pride in a great design, then consider getting a tattoo that is as funny as this one.

Gun tattoos for guys get a bad reputation sometimes for being notoriously inappropriate. But that just is not true. If you are looking for something along the classier lines, consider getting a simpler design that looks similar to this gem of a tattoo.

Tattoos are all about telling people who you really are before they even get the chance to speak with you. The best way to do such a thing is by getting a good quote to go along with your gun tattoo. Let people know your mantra up front with this one.

Do we have any steampunk fans here? If so, then this design is the choice for you. Just because you want a gun tattoo does not mean it has to be grounded in reality. This design shows how your imagination can run wild with any gun tattoo.

Sometimes the best tattoos are a blend of two styles. This design shows off how beauty and tragedy can mesh together to make something truly awesome. It isn’t the size alone that makes this one memorable. Maybe you can get something similar!

Another example of the realistic style, this tattoo design is so well done that you will want to pick it up and fire the first time you see it. The color and shading are always great with a realistic design for fans looking for something that will be a hit.

A spin on the classic realistic revolver style, this design just goes to show you that adding a small twist (no pun intended) can make any design worth remembering. This along with the beautiful pattern of the grip make this one great.

Nothing says tough like sheer size. With the large size of this tattoo, along with the terrifying skull coming out of the fog, this tattoo is sure to let people that you are not messing around when you get a gun tattoo.

Another take on the famous Sam Jackson Pulp Fiction, this style goes with a much flatter design. If you are looking for a letter based gun tattoo, then maybe going flat is the best option, as it leaves more space open.

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