This is another great pattern tattoo that has been carefully crafted to produce a masterpiece. It boasts clarity and symmetry that are sometimes hard to come by in body art. It is a great piece for even the tinnier arms.


In no other occasion have colors been utilized so well to create an attractive composition. This elephant tattoo is eye candy. It exudes radiance and creativity in a manner not witnessed before. Color sure does add pomp to a composition.


As for this tattoo, the shadows fall in just the right place. The tone of the composition looks perfect on the composition and even more interesting is the realness the tattoo shows. It is not unrealistically symmetrical, but just the right amount of asymmetry has been exhibited.


Of all tattoo ideas for guys, this is perhaps the most difficult to compose. It is well out of the obvious as it is a composition of lines that make up a great elephant design neatly placed at the back of the shoulder.


This is a neat flowery composition that extends creatively into the palm. It allows the user to rock long sleeves and still get the chance to flaunt the creative composition of ink. The flowery idea will just keep you coming back for more of the view.


Though seemingly tiny, this elephant tattoo is just perfect. It is placed at just the right position near the ankle and in just the right size for the owner to flaunt when in shorts. With a great pair of shoes, no other look would ever come out classier than this one.


This amazing composition is a great tattoo idea for guys who love nature. It feels as if one is experiencing firsthand a trip to the great land of elephants. It is yet another manifestation of how Mother Nature has not failed to take care of existing creatures.


This is a bold piece that speaks volumes. The dark tone is just amazing, and the elephant is seen trudging forward confidently in its natural habitat. This piece fits perfectly on the arm upper arm. It employs great symmetry too.


This is a great piece that is not so obvious yet invitingly creative. The captivating design of half the face of an elephant is amazing, and so are the additional details of circles and lines. A great subtle representation of nature once again.


The colors have it yet again in this great composition. It is interesting how the red and blue colors are random yet orderly at the same time. This vibrant elephant tattoo is just the perfect piece for the upper arm.

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