This is yet another great elephant tattoo idea for men that are bold and fierce. A perfect composition for fearless persons. The red color is a great addition and clear indication that this elephant will stop at nothing to get what it wants.


If you love Asian culture, this is just the tattoo for you. The elephant is carefully embellished in jewelry, just like they do it in Asian countries. It is a good representation of the value accorded to these huge yet very helpful animals.


This piece will leave just about anyone speechless. Indeed, creativity does not stop at the colors and shapes an artist will use but also depends on how well they will utilize their canvas. It is a captivating piece to flaunt in any attire.


This wonderful piece sure does bring out the emotions in the elephant. Much as it is known to be a calm animal. No other piece brings out this reality more precisely. The colors are a genius yet carefully calculated addition.


In this composition, many other animals have been carefully intertwined to create an attractive elephant composition, a clear indication that nature is intertwined in an inseparable web. It is a creatively woven piece that would be great to have.


This piece is amazing for people who prefer less obvious pieces for tattoos. The shapes mask the obvious indication that it is an elephant, making it more and more attractive to the eye. It is yet another great piece for tattoo ideas.


One can never go wrong with a flowery idea. Not only is it attractive, but it also masks the obvious indication that the composition is an elephant in a creative and inviting way. It is an amazingly vibrant piece ideal for the upper arm.


With his piece, one can almost feel the sunshine falling on the elephant. It takes some real expertise to play around with tone and achieve such precision. Needless to say, it is a piece with the potential of becoming a favorite for many.


A powerful message right there. The green color is placed in an attractive design making the composition vibrant and inviting. This is a great piece for the upper arm as well. It is carefully crafted with creativity and unbeatable expertise.


This elephant piece is yet another wonderful manifestation of just how good colors look on a solid expertly crafted composition. It comes together with a powerful message and is ultimately a great piece among many to have as well.

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