This one has more of religious meaning since it has crucifix symbols all around the top frame. The tattoo could be used as a symbol of high authority and dedication because it is applied on the left part of the chest.


The natural sign of authority and power in a lion makes this tattoo super elegant. The lion wears a crown to show that there is total dominion in the wearer of the tattoo. It will look perfect on a guy with bigger arms.


This is also one of the simple crown tattoos for guys, and it looks great on the left chest. It symbolizes dedication to supremacy. A bigger chest should go with a slightly bigger crown. It also has a classy 3D effect, making it elegant.


This tattoo fills the back, and it has more of religious meaning. The wearer could have a high regard for God or Jesus. This tattoo has a classy design, even though it doesn’t have a blend of different colors.


The combination of the diamond and the crown of this tattoo makes it have a deep meaning. The diamond could symbolize beauty and wealth. For that, the tattoo could mean that the wearer is the master or king of wealth.


This tattoo has a touch of art that makes it eye-catching. It features a light-blue skull that has a crucifix sign on the forehead. The skull is then crowned with a gray crown that has red diamonds. It could mean eternal supremacy.


This is a classy crown tattoo for men, which is used to honor a certain legend. It shows total respect for the legend in the tattoo, who is crowned. The tattoo looks perfect on the upper arm as it stretches to the lower arm.


This is one of the crown tattoos idea that is unique and has a hidden meaning as well. The bolt could show skillfulness. So it could mean that the wearer is a king of fixing or joining stuff. The meaning is ambiguous.


This is a tattoo that has a crown, which seems to be drawn over flames of fire. It could mean that the supremacy or dominance of the wearer is unshaken and never fades. It looks elegant on the back of the hand.


The 3D effect of this tattoo makes it one of the most elegant tattoo ideas for men. The tattoo starts all the way from the arm and stretches to the back of the arm with the crown. It could mean total dominion or supremacy.

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