Far from the ordinary couple crown tattoos, this image blends in a fun splash of colors and the fascinating charm of the watercolor effect. Every stroke contributes to the one-of-a-kind beauty of either crown laden on the inner arm of each partner.


The king and queen of hearts, prince and princess, man and woman- these two crowns are destined for each other. They have been made perfectly to match with one rounded royal crown topped with a heart and the other quite the same, but tumbled upside down with a spade at the tip.


Nothing could be more powerful than a crown centered on the chest, carried high by strong and heavily feathered wings. A huge and stable anchor right below strengthens it even more, while the banner with religious quote renders an unbreakable image.


Beads and jewels and all the smallest and finest details can be seen on this crown. It is rightfully placed on top of a lion’s head which appears lifelike with its thick mane, thin whiskers, and deep, mysterious, and powerful eyes.


Scribbles across the entire chest is a golden crown with all the luxury of velvet red and two big fragrant roses on either side. Sharp-tipped, heavily feathered, heavenly white wings carry it amidst blue skies, and spread beautifully from shoulder to shoulder.


This crown tattoo on the neck looks classy, and it is large enough to be seen by anyone. It will be more visible and exposed when you wear a T-Shirt. It is one of the crown tattoos ideas that you can choose if you need one.


Regardless of the meaning of this tattoo, it is easy on the eye and looks elegant on the upper arm of a guy. Since the cross and the crown could have a religious meaning, along with the names of a couple.


This stylish tattoo of a crown is dedicated to a brother of the wearer. It could be a brother in faith or a blood-brother. Either way, it could be a sign of respect and honor to the person it is dedicated to.


This is one of the crown tattoos that have a religious meaning, due to the crucifix sign on the crown. It has signs of light rays coming from it. This could mean that the crown is used as a sign of hope.


This crown has some touch of the royal blue color, making it have a sign of superiority. The R letter could have any meaning, but it simply shows high regard and honor to it. The tattoo looks elegant on the inner wrist.

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