This tattoo is small and simple enough though it has some classy artwork that looks elegant on the upper back. It could be more visible and open to the public if you wore a vest, even during your regular workouts.


This a crown tattoo for men, which has elegant artwork. The portrait of the person in the tattoo could be a sign of high regard, showing that the guy is in authority and offers a key to something, like success.


This one is obviously meant for a basketball freak, but mostly the player. It shows that the wearer of the tattoo is the king of basketball, symbolizing professionalism in the game. You must be excellent in the game to wear this tattoo.


This is a simple-design tattoo though it has a powerful meaning. Just like the words suggest, the wearer wins or triumphs in most that he does. That is why the text says, Born to Reign. It looks elegant on the back of the hand.


The skull with a crown in a tattoo could have different meanings. However, this one means that the wearer will be king or a ruler forever, which is when they die. It is a sign of courage, dedication, and determination. It is one of the tattoos ideas that is unique and classy.


The combination of the tiger and the crown makes this tattoo carry a strong meaning. It could symbolize dominion, energy, triumph and royalty. This is a unique and elegant crown tattoo design to wear. The design and meaning are spectacular.


This is another tattoo of a skull with a crown. It could be a symbol of eternal dominion, or it could have another meaning. It looks good on a guy that has big arms to feature all the details of the tattoo.


This tattoo has no any hidden meaning than royalty. The classy crown with the deep red and golden colors makes it one of the top crown tattoo ideas. It will look elegant at the back of the hand so that everyone can see it.


This tattoo combines color, design, and deep meaning. The fact that it is placed on the chest shows the value of the tattoo. The crown on the black panther or gorilla shows fearlessness. It could also symbolize dominion and power.


The skull wearing a crown and the red-detailed roses could be a sign of respect to a departed fellow. Also, it could be used to show eternal dominance. It goes well on the upper arm and needs a professional to pull it off.

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