Simple, yet quite remarkable and significant in many beautiful ways. This couple tattoo complements each partner’s hand with the prowess of a crown. One comes in rounded and soft curves, while the other has defined edges and filled with solid black.


Found at the side of the wrist is a royal crown, boldly inked and blackened from base to each sharp, triangular dotted tip. Set alongside the partner’s hand, another crown in the same bold ink yet softer curves makes for a praiseworthy matching tattoo.


On the top of the hand is a glorious picture of a crown, studded in all sorts of shapes of gems and jewels from base to tip. It rests upon the awe-inspiring backdrop of thick and soft clouds and radiant rays.


What animal is worthy of wearing a crown than the king of the jungle himself? A lion looks almost lifelike with every strand of hair, whiskers, and every part of its face delicately drawn. A stunning golden crown fits right on its head where it belongs.


This neck tattoos ideas features the unmistakable silhouette of a crown on top of three numeric letterings. The tips, base, and gems are each highly distinctive even amidst the solid black ink and makes a statement with its aesthetic appeal.


Though a skull typically has hollow eyes, nose, and gritted teeth, this bone head is quite different. It’s evident that the face that once wrapped the skull holds beauty like no other, as seen in the long hair and the gracefulness of wearing the crown.


The lion is king, strong and brave, mighty and proud. This image is one of the best crown tattoo ideas you can ever pick. The crown is set neatly upon the top of the lion’s head with its mane tucked gracefully beneath in a respectable manner.


As if the wealth of a royal crown is not enough, with its golden craftsmanship and prized gem embedded at the center, it had to be set alongside a huge diamond. Bright red roses cradle the riches and create an inspiring tattoo masterpiece.


The royalty wearing this crown was undoubtedly a queen, with an elegant crown atop the skull and a delicate robe flowing down. The bony hands carry a rosary that ends in a big glowing heart wrapped in a vine of thorns.


Even in black and white, this crown tattoos for men presents a praiseworthy design that’s intricately detailed throughout its circumference. Fine carvings, jewels and shapes can be quickly recognized inside and out of the crown’s angled and almost upside down position.

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