While ravens are the ultimate symbol of danger, nothing can beat this design. Incorporating the dark feathers of the bird in it’s widespread wings, which frequently remind people of terrible times, the head is present in its skeletal form instead.


A rig drilling out blood from a heart – what could be more heartbreaking. This cool tattoo idea is brought to life because of the sharp contrast between the black and red, two colors which go extremely well together (even Dracula seems to think so).


While black ink tattoos are extremely popular due to their sharp contrast with skin, color tattoos can bring images to life. This tattoo does just that. It creates designs around autumn leaves in warm colors while also incorporating cool colors such as blue in the background. Furthermore, black is used to give it a 3D effect.


The intense use of black in this dragon is what gives rise to that feeling of foreboding. The magnificent beast comes alive on the back, powerful and terrible. Everything, ranging from his talons and whiskers, to his fiery red eyes seem to scream danger.


This cool tattoo gives the appearance of a choker or a shackle. The eye on the neck stares at you, while the bird’s outspread wings symbolize freedom. Most of the design is in a shaded black, but the reddish-brown additions further emphasize the image.


Chest and neck tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, and so this is a unique design for the artist at heart. Colorful and happy, you can see flowers, flies, and petals. While a whole range of shades have been used, they blend in well together and are used in perfect harmony.


Coming back to the tradition of black ink tattoos, this cool design makes your chest the coffin for this skeleton. With various designs on the arms, the chest itself becomes the focus of attention with the skeleton very clearly having been placed within it. With just the perfect shading, the creation retains a 3-D effect.


Skulls are fascinating. They have inspired artists from all around, but this just takes it to an all new level. A simple skull emanating a red flow from the eyes and mouth – it feels like the stuff of nightmares!


Tattoos can help show off your physique with their artful placement. This one, for example, emphasizes the perfect chest. The arms and the neck are covered with miscellaneous images including multiple faces, a clock tower and much more. The neck has even more designs on it. But since each of these is predominantly in black, they form a sharp contrast to the bare skin of the chest.


Talking about artful placement, this one is another example. Covering a corner of the chest and an arm, the design is striking. Not too overwhelming, it covers jut the right amount of skin. Moreover, its bold lines and tribal style is eye-catching.

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