Who can say no, to such a great tatoo? If you’re going big, this option is definitely the one to consider. Despite a single motive, it is extremely powerful and rich and you will probably impress anyone, not to mention feeling good about yourself.


One word: Comic-Con. Great vibrant colors of this awesome tatoo are the reason you will get up in the morning to stand in front of your mirror, admiring your back. Imagine having all your favourite comic heroes always with you?


So you decided to get the sleeve? What about going japanese style with some traditional motives? The rich history of Japan, the warrior spirit an symbolism all on your arm. Imagine if you dive deep into the japanese culture only to find your own samurai soul within you.


Loving the bones? Show the love, spread it all over your back. This piece of tatoo art is something everyone will admire and you will always be sure, somebody has your back. Imagine wearing a sleeveless shirt to the gym.


The dragon, a powerful classic. You probably can’t miss with a dragon. They are noble creatures, they are powerful and everybody is surely drawn to their mysterious past. This tatoo is great because it does not exaggerate with color, and yet captures all the greatness of the creature.


Are you a dog lover? Then this one is your choice. Simple, not very detailed and shadowed, but very powerful and cruel. And the interesting detail at the dog’s neck is that it also has a tatoo of a Rose on its neck. But is it a Rose, really?


The angel wings are also a classic that never gets out of fashion. This tatoo beautifuly highlights the physique of your back and there is no need for any additional story behind it. The only question that remains is, are you a fallen angel or the white one.


If you’re not convinced by this design, I don’t know what will convince you. The amazing 3D effect is truly mesmerizing and it just literally sucks you into its eyes. If you want to enchant others with your tatoo choice, this is definitely a good tatoo idea.


Going for something slightly out of the ordinary?This tatoo literally feels like you have printed a graphic onto your body directly from your computer screen. And it yet looks so real. This one is definitely one that stands out a little from the other tatoo choices.


If you’re looking for something with a symbolic meaning you can try going for anchors and crowns. Or a combination of both. Remember not everyone is fit to be the king and to have strong roots to counter heavy storms.

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