A dream come true for the secret cyborg, this tattoo will finally help reveal your true nature. Done in black ink with bright red blood vessels, this creations intertwines internal machinery with muscles. It therefore depicts the harmony between machines and mankind and also proves once and for all that cyborgs are real.


A simple, yet beautiful design. Two stags lock antlers under a man’s collar bones. Done in black, they lay emphasis on his bare chest. The detail within the two animals is impressive.


This is another example of the breathtaking beauty of colorful tattoos. An inspiration to everyone around, “Who has forever anyway?” it asks. So why wait? Just get this wonderful creation inked on right now! It depicts an hourglass with wings within which the sand appears to be replaced by blood. It is circled by a laurel wreath, a reminder of power – which ultimately lies in your hands.


This is another awesome tattoo idea for men. Unlike the typical overtly morbid or terrifying imagery, this one takes a break from tradition. Instead, the red flowers on the black background stand out, but not in a delicate way. The sharp yellow eye staring out from underneath will haunt you forever.


Designs are the new in thing. Here both the arms are covered in similar yet contrasting designs. Made using blue ink, the delicate shading as well as the intricate layout is sure to keep all eyes on you. The tattoo covers all of the arms and the top corners of the chest, leaving the rest of the skin bare, and thereby framed by the ink.


Chest tattoos are normally centered in a way that ensures that people cannot look away. This skull tattoo, which is topped by a very vigilant owl, is the perfect example of that. While darker tones predominate, their coexistence with the pale shades make the entire image come to life. Moreover, the red in the background looks akin to blood, giving the intricate design a gory twist.


An example of the eternal fascination with skulls, this cool tattoo idea is to die for! Hands down one of their most innovative depiction, this shows two stylized skulls, one evidently male, the other female, one either arm. Moreover, a tinge of dark brown is added to each, with a subtle rose embedded in the female skull’s hair, emphasizing her femininitity.


A masterpiece, this stunning tattoo is beautiful artwork made on the canvas of a bare back. The woman’s face done in shades of black is emphasized through the slashes of color that come before it. The top half of the back is covered in warm tones with splashes seen throughout the rest of the tattoo. All the while, the woman’s beautifully arched, indifferent face looks on through the colors.


A dark tattoo spanning the top half of the back, here you can see part of a skull, wings, crosses, and more. The black ink used only serves to emphasize its foreboding imagery.


An owl with two heads and detailed wings, this small tattoo is a beauty. Its creative design and captivating use of blue only highlight the rest of the image. In fact, it is the blue eyes in particular that will leave you in a trance while also striking a balance with the blue tattoo on the upper arm.

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