The use of traditional tattoo imagery like the sparrow and star compass give this tattoo a classic and artistic appearance. The old-school factor brings to mind sailors of the thirty’s and forty’s visiting tiny tattoo parlors when they came into port. This is a great compass tattoo idea to show your fandom of the defining artistry that modernized American tattoo work.


Another work of combining modern and classic artistry, this piece inked in antiquated colors and given a refined look combines the imagery of a compass and rosary to make a unique and individual work of art. The red shading on the compass face and blue highlights really serve to bring this piece to life.


With more of a comic book or movie poster style artwork, this tattoo is a uniquely colored and designed piece. With nice blue highlights on the rose and faded and rustic inks chosen for the compass and backing this piece really stands out from other compass tattoo ideas.


Done in black and gray with highlights of blue and red, this tattoo pulls off an aura of elegancy while staying powerful and masculine. The ink and design choices really help pull off this tone. When considering a compass tattoo for men, color and design are two essential aspects to think about.


The faded colors enhanced and contrasted by the dark and brilliantly defined blacks and grays of this tattoo give it a unique and innovative design flourish. The way the hard shading and lighting choices are used in this piece almost give the tattoo a 3-D effect.


This compass symbol tattoo done mostly in blacks is provided visual acuity by the red highlight done on the outer lying designs. Simplistic in design but bold in execution this compass tattoo for guys is the perfect piece for a shoulder, thigh, or foot tattoo.


Minimalist and simple in design, this tattoo strips away a lot of the traditional imagery of compass tattooing and leaves the unornamented symbol of the compass frame and needle to create an different, bold, and awesome take on a classic design.


Drawn and inked in incredible detail with hard blacks, flesh tones, and red highlights, this piece showcases it’s extremely well crafted design features, like the world map, and font choices on the letters in a small but very well fitting inner arm placement.


Done in deep black and grays and given immaculate detail, this tattoo combines dream catcher and compass imagery perfectly by balancing the two. With attention paid to the inking and design of the feathers as well as the font of the directional letters and classic compass star, this tattoo is a best of both worlds.


Done in a Ralph Steadman style with color blasts and trippy design, this piece looks like it could be right off the cover of a Hunter S. Thompson novel. Overlaid with shots of blue and red, the dripping inks and choice of black coloring for the overall design brilliantly provide this piece with a aura of wild decadence.

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