This is for those with a more scientific bend of mine. Combining the atom with the arrow, it makes for a unique compass tattoo design. So for those of you inclined towards science, you can see how the tattoo itself depicts the love for the field.


Here you can see the compass placed within a dreamcatcher. The small wrist tattoo looks elegant in itself, and depicts the coming of all good things as you set yourself along the right path. The splash of turquoise within further exemplifies the unique design.


If you’re looking for some stunning compass tattoos idea, maybe this is it. It shows a detailed compass that is only made more realistic by the careful shading within. The beautiful peacock feathers at the top are inked on in teal, and represent the uniqueness of the wearer, while the same color dripping at the bottom brings about a sense of balance.


Combination tattoos have something mesmerizing about them as the two designs complete one another. That’s why this is one of the coolest compass tattoo ideas out there. One simplistic design depicts the sailor’s guide, while the other shows a bee. The first portrays direction in life, a goal of sorts. The second stands for the hard work and effort that goes into achieving that goal.


Looking for one of the best compass tattoos for guys? While there are endless possibilities, it all depends on your personal preference. Here is a simple and minimalist design done entirely in black ink. Without any definite frame, the compass is highlighted by the hands of the device itself.


While you usually find compass themed tattoos in a more simple, minimalist form, this one is ideal for those on the lookout for an elaborate design. The forearm tattoo is filled with symbols of travel. A letter with a wax seal shows a connection to loved ones, even on your wonderful trips around the world, while the small boats depict a constant thirst for adventure!


Guys love colors as much as anyone, that’s why this is one of the best compass tattoos for men. Bathed in a rush of bright, striking shades, the simple design stands out wonderfully. Even as the compass represents direction and travel, the anchor keeps you rooted to your home and beginnings.


One of the most unique tattoo ideas for men, here you can see a detailed map etched onto the forearm with a realistic compass placed on top. Done in shades of black, it represents the spirit of the wanderer. The detailed effect allows the design to truly stand out against the bare skin as well.


Carry your essence on your wrist by inking this minimalist yet gorgeous tattoo. Done in black, it represents the spirit of travel while being rooted at the same time. After all, no matter where you wander, there will be no place like home!


Simple striking lines come together to make this unique compass upon your arm. It depicts the various directions, giving fire to the wanderer within. The black lines stand out against bare skin to create an elegant end result.

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