Interesting tattoo that refers to that known song “Stairway to heaven”; these stairs are breaking the heaven, they are a guideline to our dreams and a reminder that everything is possible if we wish and believe. A very simple design, but still with a clear message.


Combination of grey and black hue is giving us a simple picture where the rain pours into the cup. This cloud tattoo for men is showing us that we must use everything that life gives us, and that even from the dark and sad moments we must bring out some knowledge.


A cute but meaningful design, this tattoo has a bright and funny meaning. With childish and innocent design it reminds us to laugh even when we are going through some harsh periods, because there is always some kind of hair dryer that will chase away the clouds.


A dynamic combination of colors gives us a sight of energetic lightning that break through the dark clouds. This is an interesting tattoo for those men that can use their primal energy and urges to create something meaningful and beautiful.


Another tattoo that is based on interesting contrast – black versus white, clouds versus stars. This simple yet deep design tells us how we must balance between opposite forces in this life, and that we must know how to handle both of them.


This cloud tattoo gives us a simple picture of umbrella and pouring rain. It is still childish, simple and on the other hand very nicely served as a symbol: it shows us how we can figure a way out of every different and rainy situation.


An interesting design that is based on the contrast between the golden glow of Buddha and the gray hue of clouds beneath him. A simple message based on Buddhism that shows us that our divine nature lies beneath our human form, and that we can reach that stadium if we believe and try.


Lovable tattoo design that is based on purple and blue color. Besides clouds there are music note, representing the elusiveness of music melody, which is so similar to the nature of clouds. This tattoo is for those men who are artistically oriented.


Another simple design that will emphasize a child in you. With its simplicity and minimalism, this cloud tattoo is there as a reminder that all good things in life are simple, and that is important to just enjoy the moment.


An interesting cloud tattoo which consist of cloud shapes and interesting symbol of descending figure. Is this Icarus or is Lucifer? However, this intriguing design is reminding us that we all had some ups and downs in life, but our failures must not discourage us in reaching our dreams.

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