This one is for those who have their heads in the clouds – for dreamers and for lovers of life. The cartoonish style of this tattoo is implicating that we must remain children in our hearts, and follow our dreams that are high as the clouds are.


A surreal approach to tattoo art, where different worlds collide; this cloud tattoo is a beautiful contrast between gray and black lines of cloud, rain and the cup, and distinct golden color of lightning. It shows us that after every rain and hard period, comes golden days of peace and prosperity.


This cloud tattoo for men are showing us biblical-like scene, where rays of sun are breaking through the murky clouds. Swallows are there to represent the new day and a new birth that is being supported by the sun itself. This tattoo also bears a beautiful meaning that all hard periods in life are defeated with life.


This tattoo is showing us a whole story, a ship that is lost in the storm, but is being saved by a dove that knows the way. The tattoo refers to a known Bible story of Noah who has been saved by the dove when the great flood has ended.


Simple design based on an elegant contrast between linear motifs and round clouds. Clouds and storm are representation of the great forces of nature, that cannot be tamed by men – every our battle against nature ends in disappointing defeat.


This cloud tattoo for men is dedicated to those mysterious roamers, to those who can hide their enormous desire for knowledge and adventure, and who can hide it well. They tamed their power and hunger in a triangle, which gives another note to their attractive mysteriousness.


Another scene that shows us how there is hope in every danger and every difficult period of our life. Once again the doves are defeating the turbid clouds, which is shown with strong contrast between gray hue of clouds and clear white of the doves.


This minimalist design is giving us a nice combination of colors, where red, golden and black work as one in this representation of life in its wholesomeness. Balance is attained in this tattoo where contrary forces of life function together.


The golden rays are hidden strength that habitat beyond the clouds. This is a quality unnoticeable on first sight, but it lies behind the scenery that we serve to the world; it is a direct note that says how true gold lies beneath all the murky disguises some of us wear.


A simple and minimalist design, but still very striking. It is a reminder of our early age when as children, we used to draw like this. This cloud tattoo says that it is very important to keep that innocent part alive, although we are living in a cruel, adult world.

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