Combining clouds and stars, this simple but elaborate tattoo is perfect for those who want to shine out. Done in black ink, it is a full length arm tattoo, ideal for those who wish to make the most of their ink.


This is one of the best tattoo ideas out there. Done in black ink, it brings a simple scene to life. Depicting a sailor in a small boat, we see him rowing himself to safety on a clear moonlit night. With the lighthouse nearby and clouds lingering about the corner, it depicts the overcoming of obstacles.


Clouds represent transformation – a vital element of survival and success. But more than that, they also depict spirituality and a celestial connection. So if you’d like to emphasize this, a wonderful arm-length cloud tattoo might just be your answer!


While dark clouds can represent obstacles, the strong streak of lighting depicts the hope at the end of the tunnel. It represents the wonderful outcomes you could ultimately be faced with. This gorgeous tattoo is only accentuated as the black clouds make the lightening bolt stand out.


With a flair of spirituality, this detailed tattoo represents the heavens above. The hourglass portrays our limited time on Earth whereas the carefully inked out clouds connect you to the ethereal spirit known as ‘God’.


If you enjoy the more artistic tattoos, this is probably your cup of tea. With zentangle used for the clouds and the waves, the simple buildings stand out in sharp contrast. It represents the power of nature, showing a scene of utter pandemonium. Inked on entirely in black, this is a tattoo perfect for those with an eternal sea of chaos raging within their minds.


A tattoo with clouds and doves to symbolize the desire for freedom, the desire for to open sky. On the other hand, freedom cannot be achieved without peace established, so the doves are guiding birds that show the way into the eternal freedom.


A minimalistic approach to show that sometimes less is more. This is a presentation of hidden force that lies behind a peaceful cloud. Lightning, a symbol of Gods lies within all of us, but only the real men can control it and be calm as a cloud.


Another minimalist piece of art that shows rain that pours from the cloud. As a symbol, water-bearing cloud is an archetypal man principle that represents a powerful force prepared to impregnate the earth. With its blue color, this tattoo shows the eternal life that water gives us.


This cloud tattoo represents the wild and unstable forces of nature, that are ambivalent towards mankind. Cloud is a calm face of a friendly nature, but beneath lies the destructive force of lightning. Only love is able to defeat the merciless forces of nature.


A stylish cloud tattoo for men that reminds us on biblical art of Gustav Dore. These clouds represent the pure force that lies in us; although peaceful and joyful we must use force when necessary, force that is ruthless like the lightening s coming out of the clouds.

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